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International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2020”

Sergei Shoigu

Russian Minister of Defence General of the Army 


Dear friends!

The 6th edition of International Military-Technical Forum “Army-2020” will be held in August. This event will gather not only experts in military field but also all people interested in high-tech developments of Russian defence industry. 

Large-scale demonstration of defence industry achievements will enhance technical reequipment of the Armed Forces, strengthen Russian within global arms market as well as reinforce the image of Russian Army. 

As always, we are preparing intensive demonstration, congress and cultural programs to be held at Patriot Expo, Patriot Park and all the military commands and the Northern Fleet.  We will pay our special attention to thematic exhibition “VICTORY”, special exposition “INNOVATIONS DAY” and our Aviation Cluster. Particularly we will organize unique program of combating UAVs at Ashuluk training grounds.  

Forum “Army-2020” will be held simultaneously with International Army Games – which is the main distinguishing feature of the Forum this year. Two key events of the Ministry of Defence will increase the potential of each other.

The impression of dynamic display of the equipment will be strengthened by the thrill of competition between teams. The number of international delegations will increase, as well as the opportunities of holding official negotiations and meetings will expand.

I wish to all the participants and organizers very efficient work, inexhaustible enthusiasm and strong performance, and all the guests are welcome to be in a good mood and have unforgettable emotions. 

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