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Statement by the International Association The Friends of Crimea

We, members of the international Association The Friends of Crimea, that unites 30 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America, unanimously consider it necessary to intensify efforts to preserve peace, end confrontation in international affairs, and to restore constructive cooperation between Russia and Western countries, especially in the context of a pandemic.

In this regard, we express our deep concern and categorical disagreement with the statements made by the representatives of Ukraine and a number of Western countries on Friday, March 12, 2021, during the high-level UN Arria virtual meeting on the topic of the “annexation” of Crimea.

We are proud to provide unbiased and sincere support to the people of Crimea, who seven years ago made the fateful and fully legitimate decision to reunite with Russia and came under pressure from illegal sanctions. These sanctions, which are constantly becoming wider and stronger, contradict the Charter of the United Nations and the principle of rational interaction of civilizations in the modern world.

Today, even during an extremely dangerous pandemic, we witness that the political elite of the Ukraine continues to pursue a misanthropic policy towards Crimeans, depriving them of basic necessities. Thus, for several years, the population of Crimea has been suffering from a shortage of water, which previously was provided to the peninsula from the territory of Ukraine, and now is completely blocked by the Ukrainian authorities.

During the coup d'etat in Kiev, the people of Crimea, facing the violation of the Ukrainian constitution and the threat of ethnic cleansing, chose to break away from Ukraine and reunify with the Russian Federation. During our trips to the Crimean peninsula, we witnessed the current creative work of the Crimeans, we saw how much Russia has done and is doing for the development of the region. The current Constitution of Crimea and its laws provide reliably protection to various groups of the population of Crimea, including religious, ethnic or national-cultural minorities. Against the background of the growing disregard for humane values in the world, this reality in Crimea gives us an example of social justice and peaceful coexistence of peoples within the multinational state of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, representatives of Ukraine and a number of Western countries not only do not hesitate to put forward unfounded accusations against Crimea, but are also ready to use for this purpose such respected platforms as the United Nations. Thus during the above-mentioned Arria formula meeting of the members of the Security Council, there were allegations about forced assimilation and passportization of the non-Russian population in Crimea, suppression of cultural identity of national minorities, about numerous violations of human rights. We, the Friends of Crimea, who regularly visit the peninsula and have the opportunity to see with our own eyes the real, not a fictional  state of affairs, call on those who make such claims to get the nerve and come to Crimea personally to get comprehensive and truthful information.

Regardless of wherther the association succeeds in achieving its goals, we are sincerely glad to contribute to the preservation and development of such a unique historical and cultural treasure as Crimea.

The Black Sea, washing the shores of the peninsula, has witnessed terrible wars, slavery and incredible human suffering. However, at the same time, for millennia, it was an environment for cultural exchange, a bridge of civilization interaction and partnership. Let's preserve and enhance this rich legacy - the "invincible cure" for the "virus" of hatred and war.

Join us!


Jan Czarnogursky, Chairman of the Coordination Council (Slovakia)

Kostas Isyhos, Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Council (Greece)

Stefano Valdegarberi, Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Council (Italy)

Abdelaziz Missaudi, Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Council (Tunisia)